Why Internet Is The Reason For Your Success?

Bringing the world closer together

The internet has annihilated time and distance. People can easily connect and communicate with other humans nearby and in remote parts of the world instantly through various internet-based technologies. Social media platforms allow people to interact in a global online community and learn about way of life in other parts of the world. In addition, business-minded people can learn about other cultures and can market different products and services that are relevant to individual segments of society.

The ability to learn new skills

YouTube alone has free tutorials on a vast number of subject areas, from simple stuff such as how to write a letter to more technical matters like learning to code. There are also plenty of e-learning platforms, some offering free courses, which can teach you to do anything you might be interested in learning about. Whether you want to start a career in electronics, home improvement, or auto repair, or want to improve your knowledge in a field you are already in, the internet has made it easier than ever. What’s more, learning material is available in various languages and created by people from all ends of the globe, so it doesn’t matter what language you speak.

Overall self-improvement

Concerned about an aspect of your health? It’s always advisable to seek professional help. However, the internet also has numerous online resources such as WebMD, which can be useful in providing health-improvement and prevention guidelines. You can learn other helpful ways of self-improvement, including how to improve your memory, fashion advice, personal style and grooming, relationship advice, exercises to lose weight and get fit, and even finer skills such as social etiquette.

Personally, I use the internet all the time for a variety of things. YouTube is among my favorite sites where I have learned how to assemble different items for which the instructions seem too complicated. The list is endless.

Leveling the playing field

Of course, internet access is not the same everywhere. Recent statistics show that over 4.1 billion people, or more than half the world’s population, have access to the internet. And access is rapidly improving, plus the infrastructure keeps getting better, particularly in the area of mobile devices. Today, communication among people keeps increasing through the proliferation of smartphones. These devices contain technology that is far more powerful than computers that used to take up an entire room a few decades ago, but can now be carried around in one’s pocket.

How I used the internet to improve myself

I am excited about and highly appreciative of the invention of the internet due to the fact that I like to learn about new and interesting things. When I wanted to improve my math skills during college, I was able to watch free algebra tutorials on YouTube. Currently, I am learning another language through Skype which, while not for free, is quite affordable.

The power of the internet

Like many people, I am super grateful for the internet. But I have come to believe that it is a powerful tool that has to be used responsibly, in a similar fashion to technologies such as electricity or nuclear power. What one does with these types of technologies is the crux of the matter. For instance, electricity can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cooking, heating your home, and running your electronics. However, electricity can be extremely harmful if used irresponsibly. Similarly, nuclear power can be used to power an entire city but can also be used for bombing and killing many people with a single delivery.


The online world is available to most people in an instant. What excites me the most is that a lot of the information is freely available. Some of the content is so good, I often wonder why it is free. At the same time, I will hasten to add that there is also useless and misleading content available online, so one has to be vigilant and fact-check when there are doubts.

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