What Do You Mean By Personality Test?

If you are confused about choosing the right career for you, then personality can be really helpful for you. In general, there are many kinds of tests available today which can be helpful in finding the hidden aspects of your personality.

Since we know that in popular culture there are two types of personality i.e. Introvert and Extrovert. And it is believed that creative and remote roles are best suited for people with introvert personality and , while the roles that requires frequent human interaction and man management can be filled by extrovert personalities  and can be helpful in what career personality test.

What is Pre-Hiring test?

Pre-hiring test has become popular because it can help companies and organizations choose the right kind of candidates. Studies shows that if an employee is not the right match for a particular job then it can result in less productivity. And the fact that the replacing a candidate can be an expensive task as it the process of employment involves recruitment and training. In this article, we will help you with the list of tools that you need to check for better understanding of the job according to your what career personality test.

The Myers- Briggs Type Indicator

It is one of the most used employment mapping tools and can be very useful for candidates learning about themselves and if they are best suited for the role. It has found recently that a 90 % of the big fortune companies use this tool for judging the temperament of candidates. It can successfully determine the personalities of candidates and to our surprise it can categorize up to 16 types of personalities.

And if you want take this , then we suggest go ahead but keep in mind that the test results can only tell about your personality and not academics.

The SHL Occupational Personality Test

Another name of this test is called as OPQ32 and it can be helpful in determining the attitudes and personality of an individual which will affect the overall productivity. If you are applying for a certain role then this test can be helpful to judge whether the job row will be best suited for you or not.

This test consists of 104 questions that can be helpful in determining the characteristics and personality of an individual.


There are different kinds of test like the Hogan Personal Inventory (HPI), The Caliper Profile etc which can help to identify the personality types which in turn will be helpful in choosing the right kind of job and we hope you are clear about what career personality test means.

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