How To Achieve Your Career Goals?

This is the simple key to achieving your resolution, especially if it’s career-specific. I recommend going as far as making a literal list of those tasks, duties and obligations you need to give up or let go in order for your new goal to be accomplished.

But when I say “let go”, that doesn’t mean abandon completely. Here are three first steps to help you make room for new goals without irresponsibly walking away from your professional responsibilities.

1. Give up “Control/ Territories”

What areas at work could you delegate? Maybe it’s having others lead meetings and prepare for them. It could even be that with a little simple training, someone else could pick up one of your lesser responsibilities to free you up. It’s hard to let someone else take over your “baby”, but it’s essential in making room for new goals.

Give up “Fear”

Are you afraid of failing, driven to perfection in everything you do? Chances are you are wasting a lot of time reworking and over-thinking your work, making it take longer to complete a task that others can do much faster. It’s also very common for fear to manifest itself as procrastination, knowing that moving forward means a major investment of time and energy. Be honest with yourself regarding your fears, and don’t be afraid to ask someone else to help.

Give up “Habits/Traditions”

“But we have always done it that way!” This is a thought we’ve all had at some point in our career. We all get stuck in our own comforts, and it’s in a lot of people’s basic nature to be resistant to change. Ask yourself why you’re resistant to the change, and give yourself permission to be open to new ways of doing things – these new ways may save you a lot of time and open the door for new goals.

Now that you have made your list, estimate how much new time you have. This little process may be just what your career New Year’s Resolution needed to survive!

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