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1. A train that runs on the speed of 60 KM/Hour takes 9 seconds to cross a signal pole. Than calculate the length of this train?
A. 150 Metres B. 160 Metres
C. 324 Metres D. 140 Metres
2. A train passes in 10 seconds a man who is running on the speed of 5 KM/Hour, What is the speed of train if the train is of 125 Meter
A. 50Km/Hour B. 45 KM/Hour
C. 60 KM/Hour D. 25 KM/Hour
3. A train that is running on the speed of 45 KM per Hour passes a platform in 30 Seconds, If the length of train is 130 Metres than measure the length of platform.
A. 225 Metres B. 200 Metres
C. 250 Metres D. 245 Metres
4. If 2 trains are coming in same direction cross a poll in 17 Seconds and 27 seconds separately where as in 23 seconds the both trains cross each other. Than measure the ratio of these train’s speed:
A. 3: 1 B. 2:3
C. 4: 1 D. None of them
5-A train crosses a bridge in 36 seconds and a girl standing on this bridge in 20 seconds. If train is running on the speed of 54 KM/Hour than calculate the length of this bridge-
A. 120 Metres B. 240 Metres
C. 200 Metres D. 300 Metres
6. A train that is 240 metres long takes 24 seconds to cross a pole. If the train has to cross a 650 metres platform than how much time it will take?
A. 79 sec B. 89 Sec
C. 65 Sec C.69 Sec
7. If 2 trains are running in same direction side by side on 46 Km/Hour and 36Km/Hour. The train that is running on 46Km/Hr takes 36 Sec to pass the train that is running on 36Km/Hr. Than define the length of each train
A. 70 m B.50 m
C. 90 m D. 80 m
8. A train running on the speed of and its 360 m long. How much time it will take to cross a platform 140 meters long?
A. 42 Sec B. 82 Sec
C. 40 Sec D. 48 Sec
9. If 3 trains are coming in their opposite direction on parallel tracks @ 60KM/Hour and 90KM/Hour. The lengths of respective trains are 1.10 Km and 0.9 Km. Than measure, how much time slower train will take to cross the faster one in Seconds
A.48 B.49
C.45 D.40
10. A biker running alongside the railway track on 9 kmph speed, A train that is 240 meters ahead from the biker and it is 120 metres long. Than measure the time it will take to pass the him…?
A.3.4 Sec B.34 Sec
C. 36 Sec D. 72 Sec

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